God has been multiplying the work that began in 2021 in El Salvador & Guatemala. Through yearly visits, ongoing training and vision casting, the work that began in Guatemala spread to El Salvador and will undoubtedly continue to spread throughout Central America as we trust in a God-sized vision!

In February 2024, pastors Juan Carlos, Betty, and Joel traveled to convene the leaders of the churches from both countries at a leadership retreat in Antigua, Guatemala. God showed up in such a tangible manner during the retreat as we prayed, worshipped, and shared the 'River Church' vision to each of the leaders.

The leaders experienced an unusual love, unity, and received vision from God to trust him for greater things! The dreams God gave the leaders included reopening a drug rehab center, dreams to open a school for children and theology training center, vision to care for the homeless and orphaned children, and a vision to spread the Light & Life planting work into all of Central America.

This was followed by a visit to our most recent church in a women's prison notoriously known as 'Pavon'. The work in the prison was formally established as a church on this visit since it was apparent that the ministry operated as church in every way. An outreach was conducted the Sunday of their visit where the leaders from all the churches were present, an estimated 130 people were present at the outreach with many placing their faith in Jesus.

The visit continued with Pastors Juan Carlos and Betty to El Salvador where they convened with our two church's pastors to plan an outreach and to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Luz y Vida San Jacinto. Additionally, they are discerning the location, leader, and timing for our third church plant in that country during this visit.

Represented at the retreat were leaders from all of our current churches:

El Salvador | Luz y Vida, Santa Tecla
El Salvador | Luz y Vida, San Jacinto
Guatemala | La Cosecha Luz y Vida, Zone 10
Guatemala | Luz y Vida, San Jose Pinula
Guatemala | Iglesia Misión Evangelica, Suchitepéquez
Guatemala | Luz y Vida Fraijanes 1, Fraijanes (Church in prison)

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2024 Pastors & Leader's Retreat in Antigua, Guatemala
Pastors and leaders during our Antigua retreat

EL SALVADOR | Luz y Vida Santa Tecla (Merliot)

Pastors Roberto and Yolanda lead Luz y Vida El Salvador (LYVE). This church is in the suburbs of San Salvador, where people can experience the transformational power of the Holy Spirit. Their first meeting on April, 24th 2022 consisted of 26 people! When in town, please visit them!

EL SALVADOR | Luz y Vida San Jacinto

Pastor Cesar Rosales leads Luz y Vida San Jacinto, which launched in 2023. This new church is currently meeting in the office space of a car wash and dreams to continue to grow and find a space where they can receive more and more people for Christ.

GUATEMALA | Luz y Vida San Jose Pinula

Pastors Gustavo and Claudia Pinto lead Luz y Vida Guatemala in San Jose Pinula. This church joined the Light & Life family in 2021 and has a sense of renewed mission and vision through our partnership. Their desire is to offer a healthy and mission driven community of faith that also engages Christian education.

GUATEMALA | La Cosecha Luz y Vida (Zona 10)

Pastors Edwin and Flor Chuy lead La Cosecha Luz y Vida in Zone 10 of Guatemala City, a middle class neighborhood at the intersection of incredible diversity. Their church reflects the diversity of the capital and has has been passionately growing since we partnered with them in August of 2023. Out of this church, Luz y Vida Fraijantes 1 women's prison church was launched.

GUATEMALA | Luz y Vida Fraijantes 1 
(Women's prison church)

Pastors Edwin and Flor Chuy planted the women's prison church after God opened an incredible door of opportunity for them. For years they have consistently visited twice a month to bring the gospel, worship, prayer, and special food to the 100+ incarcerated women in this notoriously dangerous prison. Although attending their services is voluntary, nearly every single woman participates and is ministered to. In the prison, Pastora Ingrid, a fellow inmate, leads the flock to continue to offer spiritual care between services.

Pastors Betty, Flor, and Joel checking in on their visit to the women's prison
Bexa, who served 25 years in the prison, shares her testimony in church two weeks after being released

GUATEMALA | Iglesia Misión Evangelica, Suchitepéquez

Pastors Silverio and Amanda Lopez lead Iglesia Mision Evangelica 90 miles west of the capital. Their church is passionate about reaching the lost, especially helping those trapped in drug and alcohol addiction to be restored.

Pastors Silverio and Amanda share their dream to restart their drug rehab center


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3. SHARE with friends and family in those countries if they live near any of our church plants!
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