We invite you to join us as we slow down and focus on Jesus through prayer and fasting. We will begin the Lenten season with a church-wide prayer and worship night at our Anointing Service (2/22 @7pm) and end on Holy Saturday. We invite you to journey with us and We invite you to join us as we slow down and focus on Jesus through prayer and fasting. We will begin the Lenten season with a church-wide prayer and worship night at our Anointing Service (2/22 @7pm) and end on Holy Saturday. We invite you to journey with us and P.R.A.Y. daily.


Use the P.R.A.Y. format below as a guide. During the “ask” section, pray through each prayer focus (listed below) as well as what the Lord puts on your heart. To encourage prayer throughout the day, set aside time in the morning, noon, or evening to go through the guide. Setting a daily alarm on your phone is a great way to stay focused! You can also keep a journal.

PAUSE- Be still before God, listen, and welcome His Presence.
REJOICE- Worship, lift praises of thanksgiving to God, and reflect on scripture/podcast.
ASK- Seek God’s help and ask that His will be done through your life and our church.
YIELD- Surrender your life and each need to Him. Receive all that God has for you.

Fasting is a way to place ourselves in the way of grace by withdrawing our reliance on earthly things so that we can feast on God’s presence and power. Our physical hunger brings about a deeper awareness of our spiritual hunger that only Christ can satisfy.

Jesus taught that when we fast it should not be to get attention from anyone but to do it discreetly (Matt. 6:16-18). Fasting positions us for a deeper faith but it does not earn us grace, love, or favor.

FOOD FAST: Full fast: Drink only liquids (you establish the number of days; speak to a physician if you have any medical conditions). Partial fast. A partial fast is from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm or from sun up to sundown. You can select from three types of fasting: Full Fast, Daniel Fast or give up at least one item of food that you truly love (eg. bread, meat, sweets, coffee). The Daniel Fast. Eat no meat, no sweets, and no bread. Drink water and juice. Eat fruits and vegetables.

ACTIVITY FAST: This is where you cut off (sin) an activity that is contrary to the will of God (eg. sex out of marriage, pornography, substances like alcohol, smoking, or other drugs). Or activities that may not necessarily be sinful but stifling to your walk with God (eg. video games, social media, television). The hope is that you do not return to these or excessive abuse of anything following lent.
Lent begins on February 22nd and concludes on Saturday, April 8th. This time period covers a total of 47 days since Sundays are not counted in Lent and are seen as a day of rejoicing and not fasting.

2.22 Day 1 | Mark 6:53-56 (Anointing Service 7pm) | Pray that our church would REACH people through the power of healing.
2.23 Day 2 | Mark 6:30-44 | Pray that our church would FEAST on Jesus, our bread of life.
2.24 Day 3 | | Matt.14:23b-33 | Pray that we would believe in the God who commands the winds and the waves to quiet.
2.25 Day 4 | Pray that our church would not deviate from our mission to REACH, TEACH, MEND, and SEND.
2.27 Day 5 | Matthew 15:12-14 | Pray for the LEADERS of our church so they will lead many to the truth.
2.28 Day 6 | Matthew 16:21-28 | Pray that our church makes true disciples who take up their crosses daily.
3.1 Day 7 | Matt. 15:32-39 | Pray that our church is a place where we continue to see the miraculous work of Jesus.
3.2 Day 8 | Matt. 16:1-4 | Pray that our church’s love and transformation would be signs to an unbelieving generation that Jesus is real.
3.3 Day 9 | Matt. 16:5-12 | Pray that our church would guard itself against false teaching.
3.4 Day 10 | Pray that through our church the Name of Jesus would be made famous!
3.6 Day 11 | Mark 9:30-32 | Pray that our church always preaches the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.
3.7 Day 12 | Luke 9:28-36 | Pray that our church would delight in being in Jesus’ presence.
3.8 Day 13 | Matthew 18:15-20 | Pray that our church would deal with conflict Biblically, and quickly.
3.9 Day 14 | John 7:25-44 | Pray that our church would truly grasp who Jesus is and live accordingly.
3.10 Day 15 | John 8:31-47 | Pray that our church would passionately love Jesus.
3.11 Day 16 | Pray that we would be disciples that take up our cross daily and die to ourselves.
3.13 Day 17 | Luke 10:1-24 | Pray for our mission teams going abroad this year to the Philippines, Central America, and Mexico.
3.14 Day 18 | Luke 10:38-42 | Pray that we would regularly sit at the feet of Jesus.
3.15 Day 19 | Luke 11:1-13 | Pray the Lord’s prayer today.
3.16 Day 20 | Luke 12:13-21 | Pray that our church would be financially generous this year toward God.
3.17 Day 21 | Luke 13:22-30 | Pray that we would help others have a relationship with Jesus and not merely followers of a religion.
3.18 Day 22 | Pray that we would wholeheartedly pursue holiness.
3.20 Day 23 | Luke 15:11-32 | Pray that we would be a church that preaches the riches of the grace of God for both sinners and Pharisees.
3.21 Day 24 | Luke 16:1-15 | Pray that we would be a church that loves Jesus above possessions.
3.22 Day 25 | Luke 16:19-31 | Pray that we would be known for our acts of mercy to the last, the least, and the lost.
3.23 Day 26 | Luke 17:1-10 | Pray that we would be a forgiving church, bearing with one another.
3.24 Day 27 | John 11:45-54 | Pray that we would have the wisdom to know that if Jesus was hated, we will also be.
3.25 Day 28 | Pray for the youth in our church as they count the cost of following Jesus.
3.27 Day 29 | Luke 18:9-14 | Pray that our church would embody true humility, even during this fast.
3.28 Day 30 | Matt. 19:1-12 | Pray for all marriages in the church so they would thrive and reflect the love of Jesus for his church.
3.29 Day 31 | Matt. 20:1-16 | Pray that God would use us to help many in their later years make decisions to follow Christ, believing that it is never too late to be saved.
3.30 Day 32 | Matt. 20:20-28 | Pray that our church would embody a servant spirit wherever we go.
3.31 Day 33 | Luke 19:11-28 | Pray for our Board of Administration so they may steward the finances of the church for eternal purposes.
4.1 Day 34 | Pray that Jesus would focus the heart and mind of our church on devotion to Jesus this Holy Week.
4.3 Day 35 | Matthew 21:14-16 | Pray that we would always cleanse our ministry of any hindrances to people reaching God.
4.4 Day 36 | Mark 11:12-14, 20-25 | Pray that our ministries would bear much fruit.
4.5 Day 37 | Mark 14:1-3, 8-9 | Pray our church would be willing to sacrifice our most precious things for the sake of our Savior.
4.6 Day 38 | Luke 22:1-38 | Pray that our church would embody the self-sacrificial love of Christ.
4.7 Day 39 | Pray that the church would live to proclaim the death of Jesus so that many would be saved.
4.8 Day 40 |  Matt. 27:62-66 | Pray prayers of heartfelt thanksgiving for Jesus’ death and express your love to him.