Egg Hunt 3/23 | 9:30a

You are invited to our Annual Egg Hunt! This March 23rd we welcome you to join us for an Egg Hunt Experience to start your Holy Week off right! There will be games, crafts, a petting zoo, a photo op and of course, a hunt! We will open registration at 9:30am and begin our program at 10am! Can't wait to see you there!

Sunday services will commemorate
 the triumphant entry of
Jesus into Jerusalem,

launching us into Holy Week.

Palm Sunday 3/24 | 9a, 10:30a & 12p

Palm Sunday is the first day of Holy Week. We begin with joy and celebration as Jesus, God’s salvation, enters Jerusalem on a donkey as it was prophesied long ago. Our week will quickly take a turn for the worst as the days grow solemn the closer we get to the Cross of Calvary.

Holy Monday 3/25 | 7p Online Only Service

Jesus continues to fulfill prophesies as he confronts those who have made God’s house a ‘den of robbers’.
 On this Holy Monday, we remember that Jesus cleared God’s house of thieves who made money an idol.
We therefore look inward and invite Jesus to clear our temples too, so no idol may interfere with our worship.

Holy Tuesday 3/26 | 7p Online Only Service

 On Holy Tuesday we encounter a strange scene, Jesus cursing a Fig Tree for not bearing fruit. The tree, representative of Israel, is cursed for not producing spiritual fruit. Today we look inward to examine our own lives to see if we are bearing fruit, or withering away. 

Spy Wednesday 3/27 | 7p On Site & Live-Streamed

On Spy Wednesday, we hold in tension Jesus’ prophetic act of love as he washed his friends and his enemies’ feet with the pain of betrayal as Judas becomes a spy among the disciples. Join us for an in-person service where the pastors will wash the feet of believers just as Jesus commanded us to do.

Maundy Thursday 3/28 | 7p Online Only Service

Maundy Thursday is all about following the example of love that Jesus left for us. On this day, we partake of communion as a reminder that his death is the measure of Christian love. Please prepare your own communion elements to take with us during this online service. 

Good Friday 3/29 | 7p On Site & Live-Streamed in App Only

 Good Friday was not good for Jesus, but it was good for all of humanity, especially for anyone who would trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins. Join us as we present a creative portrayal of Jesus’ last night as he goes to the cross and is buried in a tomb.

Black Saturday 3/30 | 7a

This is the most mysterious of the days of Holy Week because we don’t know much about what happened between the burial of Jesus and his resurrection. We call it Black Saturday because for a number of hours, the disciples sat hopeless as they mourned the death of the Light of the World. Learn to sit in the in-between with us on this Holy Saturday.

Easter Sunday 3/31 | 6a Sunrise, 9a, 10:30a & 12p

Rejoice! Celebrate with us as we triumph over sin, death, and darkness because Jesus is risen, just as he said! Join us for one of four English 6am, 9am and celebrations with baptisms after the 10:30a & 12p services.

Holy Week is a season that observes the last week of Jesus' life
and culminates with celebrating his Resurrection!
Join us for a meaningful week as we follow Jesus from his entry to Jerusalem to his Resurrection!