Danny Alvarado

Danny “Uneak” Alvarado is a producer, song writer, composer & musician based in the OC/ SoCal area. Born the son of a Pastor, Danny's first steps in music were in response to his father’s need for musicians in the congregation. What started with humble intention quickly became the driving passion that still ventures his music to this day – serving God & serving others thru the language of music. Having mastered various instruments, Danny quickly found himself needing a new challenge. Growing up a 90’s kid, he thought it would be interesting to create hip hop beats for his friends to freestyle to- thus the official birth of Uneak.

From forming bands, to managing tours all while still pumping out beats and graphics, Danny has done it all. His love of teaching music while always maintaining the attitude of a student has opened various opportunities to polish his craft. His determination to change the world with music has welcomed a beautiful network of industry leading professionals ranging his local Starbucks dreamer to Capital Records shot callers and everything in between. Having collaborated with names that are not yet known and names that cannot be release, Danny continues the battle to make this world a better place thru the gift of music.